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Faye LaPorte
City : St. Clair Shores
Telephone : 586-279-3610
Fax : 586-439-5648
Services : Private duty home care. Services include companionship to skilled care
Member Bio : I am a Certified Dementia Practitioner.
Category : Dementia / Memory Care,Home Care - Private Duty
Mitchell Leach
City : Macomb
Telephone : 586-744-9039
Fax : 248-967-8741
Services : Home Health care - Hospice - Wellness
Member Bio : We’re proud to carry on a tradition born in 1898 - a tradition of providing essential home health care, hospice and wellness services that help people regain movement, restore health, retain independence and reap the benefits of wellness. Whether you’re a physician, individual or leader of an organization, we’re here to serve you, your patients and your employees with experience, compassion and integrity.
Mitchell Leach
City : Bingham Farms
Telephone : 517-347-7350
Fax : N/A
Services : We offer transitional care for health and wellness and in home hospice care. We have certified nurses, clinicians, doctors etc. We offer PT, OT, Psych as well.
Member Bio :
Category : Hospice
McKenna LeCouffe
City : Clinton Township
Telephone : 586-840-0838
Fax : N/A
Services : Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care
Member Bio :
Category : Assisted Living Communities
Tanya Lukomski
City : N/A
Telephone : 734-358-1700
Fax : N/A
Services : provides non-medical homecare services in the tri-county area. can provide companion care, personal care and advanced personal care in the patients home. We have over 4,000 caregivers in the detroit market.
Member Bio :
Category : Dementia / Memory Care,Home Care - Private Duty,Veterans Services