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Andrea Darnall
City : Rochester Hills
Telephone : 248-237-4455
Fax : 248-237-4453
Services : Medication therapy management company that handles all pharmaceutical needs of elderly care organizations
Member Bio : At Somerset Specialty & LTC Pharmacy we want to shatter the current Pharmacy model and reinvent it as a comprehensive patient centered experience. Pharmacists are a highly knowledgeable & extremely underutilized asset in healthcare teams, and allowing them a more active role is key to providing safer and more effective healthcare for our senior loved ones. We put that expertise to good use by providing comprehensive medication therapy management for our patients. Medication therapy management bridges the gaps between patients, their physicians, and their drug therapies with the pharmacist taking the lead in developing trusting relationships with physicians to ensure medications are appropriate, accurate, and eradicating errors and duplicate therapies. The result is more comprehensive care, healthier patients, a reduction in costs and complications that can lead to hospitalizations. Somerset LTC Pharmacy completely takes the burden of medications off the caregivers, and into the hands of trusted medical professionals. Join us in reinventing long term care pharmacy to ensure our wisdom holders live the healthiest and happiest lives possible!
Category : Other
Himanshu Dave
City : Clinton Twp
Telephone : 586-412-5810
Fax : 586-203-4949
Services : Skilled Home care--Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Home Health Aide. ostomy care, Psychiatric nursing,
Member Bio :
Category : Home Care - Skilled